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Overdraft Privilege

Convenient coverage when you need it most.

The Choice is yours!

If you want us to authorize and pay overdrafts on ATM and one-time everyday debit card transactions, just let us know.

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Overdraft Privilege can help you get over those unexpected "bumps in the road" but you must let us know you want to opt-in. Action is required to protect your account.

Overdraft privilege Service can mean...

  • Covering transactions if you need cash before pay day or your next deposit.
  • Saving time and money - avoid dealing with returned items and additional merchant fees.
  • Avoiding frustration - your debit card transactions will not be declined when paying for everyday purchases such as groceries or gas, or getting cash at an ATM on days when your account balance is less than you expected.
  • Having access to funds when you make an honest mistake balancing your account.

If you want Overdraft Privilege, you can opt-in for this service. Here's how:

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